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Covid-19 Business Continuity Guidance

Covid-19 Business Continuity Guidance

In view of the perceived threat from Covid-19 (Coronavirus), it is prudent that the Guild should have some form of contingency planning in place in case of disruption caused by the proliferation of the virus.

General Administration

For the purposes of Guild business, the Clerk, Assistant Clerk Membership and Treasurer are all home-workers on either an Honorific basis or a part-time contract, and so there should be no break in continuity of Guild operations if any of them are required to self-isolate.  However in the event of contracting the virus, clearly there will be a break in continuity whilst they recover. 



If there are any restrictions imposed on the use of public transport, it is likely that members would not be able to attend Guild events or other required activities.


Court Meetings and other Committee Meetings

Whilst every effort will be made to conduct these meetings in accordance with the planned calendar, if there is a need to cancel them, conferencing technologies could be used as an alternative.



The current expectation is that all planned events will take place unless advised to the contrary by the Government, the City of London Corporation or the venue provider themselves.  All events will continue to be reviewed on a case by case basis, and the website will be updated accordingly.


Duty of Care

At a minimum, every Court and Committee member should advise the Clerk if they have travelled internationally recently and also exercise good judgment as to whether it is prudent to attend (for example) events, Committee meetings or Court meetings.  The Clerk will hold this information in a register.



The Guild will continue to operate to best of its ability and to the existing calendar but remains alert and will react to relevant Government and Medical advice or guidance by a venue provider.  Members will be kept informed as quickly as possible as to any proposed changes in events and plans.



B.Fraulo JP – Clerk

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