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Article by Past Master, Tony Paice - "Overkill or Underkill"

Past Master Anthony (k/a Tony) Paice has just published Overkill or Under-kill, his account of Anglo-Iraqi relations 1961-1991, with a sequel showing what led up to the betrayal of so many Afghans, not least the young female population, in August 2021.
Tony was serving in the Kuwait embassy as political officer in August 1991 when Saddam Hussein’s forces marched in.  For many years he had to put up with wildly inaccurate allegations that he had misled British Airways into thinking an invasion would not happen.
His book reveals details of a bungled MOD operation using Flight BA149, causing its some 400 passengers and crew to be taken hostage or suffer the stress of going under cover in an enemy occupied country for months on end.
It was only in November 2021 that the Foreign Secretary was obliged to apologise to Parliament for the failure to release papers that confirmed the embassy in Kuwait had, indeed, delivered a timely warning to Whitehall which was not passed on to British Airways.  Tony had already warned the local BA representative the evening before the invasion.
The book may be ordered from Amazon and major book-sellers.  Just ‘google’ Anthony Paice and the title will come up.